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  • Hytham Gadalla receives the McKeehan Graduate Fellowship. Congratulations! (9/27/22)

  • Hytham Gadalla's AAPS poster is invited to a Special Poster Collection. This selection will be recognized during a Special Poster Forum at the 2022 AAPS PharmSci 360. Congratulations! (9/19/22)

  • Dhawal Chobisa receives the 2022 Rodger D. Logan Travel Award. Congratulations! (9/14/22)

  • "PLA-PCL Microsphere Formulation to Deter Abuse of Prescription Opioids by Smoking", by Anastasiia Vasiukhina, Sheryhan F. Gad, Elyssia N. Wellington, Danielle M. Wilmes, Yoon Yeo, and Luis Solorio, is accepted for publication in International Journal of Pharmaceutics. (8/23/22)

  • Yanying He receives the 2022-2023 Ronald W. Dollens Graduate Scholarship. Congratulations! (8/9/22)

  • Jianping Wang receives the College of Pharmacy Graduate Training Award, which supports attending the Krannert Applied Management Principles Program. Congratulations! (8/8/22)

  • Dr. Yeo is inducted to the College of Fellows at the Controlled Release Society. (7/12/22)

  • Fanfei Meng receives the 2022 AAPS Best Abstract Award, which will be recognized at the 2022 AAPS PharmSci 360. Congratulations! (6/9/22)

  • Fanfei Meng receives an AAPS Travelship, which will support attending the 2022 AAPS PharmSci 360. Congratulations! (6/6/22)

  • Jianping Wang receives the 2022 Lilly Endowment Graduate Research Award. Congratulations! (5/2/22)

  • Soonbum Kwon receives the 2022 Chaney Summer Graduate Student Award. Congratulations! (5/2/22)

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We strive to make an impact on public health through research. Our research aims to develop new drug delivery systems and biomaterials that will help drugs, genes, and cells work safely and effectively to fight diseases.